I have been in the network marketing industry for over a decade and love to inspire others to build massive organizations and retire from the 9-5 hustle and bustle with a residual income that screams…

Girl…you’ve got this!!!

If you want to spend more precious time with your family, take charge of your own schedule, and get paid what you know you are worth, you’ve come to the right place.  (And by the way, yes…you CAN decide what you are worth while listening to the cha-chings hit your bank account…even while you are sleeping!)

How would it feel if you were able to confidently recruit more leaders, create massive momentum, and become a top earner? Dreamy right?


Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s all possible for YOU!

Do you lie awake at night wondering who you’re going to talk to next, and wonder if anybody is ever going to say YES, and wonder how to create more O’s at the end of your check? That’s where I come in with my superwoman cape to help.

I understand because that was me lying awake at night stressing about these exact same thoughts.

And why else do I understand your struggles? Simple.

amber-pic-shadowThe last 5 years have been incredible for myself and my daughter Presleigh, but things weren’t always as great:

  • I’ve been a strong independent mother (a more powerful way to say “single mom”) since Presleigh was little.  She is now 16 (going on 25)

  • I had a nervous breakdown which left me flat on my back for a year unable to even open the front door

  • I was fired from my job during that chaotic time

  • My house was in foreclosure (for the second time...ekkkk) and my utilities were constantly getting shut off

  • I was doing garage sales with donated goods to try to cover my bills and put food on the table

  • All of this with no light at the end of the tunnel, or so it seemed

“I decided enough was enough and I pulled up my BIG GIRL panties and took charge of my life, on my terms” -Amber Swanson


And once I did that here's what happened...

I created a six figure RESIDUAL income in 24 short months and realized that by mastering amber-site-pic-thumbs-upthe art of duplication and by creating leverage (with other’s people’s time and contacts) inside of this business model, I would never have to go back to the rat race. EVER.

Some people have reached this level of success a lot faster and some have done it slower. I whole-heartedly believe it can be achieved by being coachable, having a strong work ethic, and staying consistent!

Remember, my definition of success is not just money and it’s not just time, but having them BOTH harmoniously TOGETHER.

I am now the carpool mom (all the other mom’s are running on the hamster wheel), the mom who is at home and present before and after school, the mom who has taught my daughter that anything is possible and to follow each and every dream she has. I am also the woman that wanted to create her own destiny, the woman that decided I was worth more than an hourly wage, and the woman that decided she would never, ever, ever, wait on another child support check.

I want you to know anything is possible for you too!!


Still curious about me? Here are some "Amber-ism's"

  • I am obsessed with Starbucks and must have one to two a day (number 2 is if I need an “extra special” treat that day. I think it may just be the cup I love **gulp**!!
  • I have an insane number memory. I can remember my phone number from grade school and memorize dates and birthdays instantly...it is INSANE!!

  • I have to drink cold drinks from a straw and I am addicted to water.  No matter where I am headed I have water in hand…just in case I get thirsty.

  • My friends say I have a giant heart, that I live totally “outside of the box” (even if the box had a bajillion rhinestones on it), and that I will do anything to uphold the integrity of my word.

  • The picture on my home screen is my reminder to always forge forward. It says, “Never look back.  If Cinderella went back to pick up her shoe, she wouldn’t have become a princess."

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